Of course Chicago is not a perfect city. This is not a crime-free city as well but is there a perfect city out there where you can just open your doors while sleeping? So, before dwelling on the negative sides of this city, you might want to check out why this city is really busy.

  1. You can live just fine in this city. That is right, compared to other similar sized cities, this city is said to be more liveable. You need not spend every waking hours running from part-time jobs to part-time jobs. You need not endure ramen all the time as well.

  1. You can talk to the people in Chicago. They are friendly though not to the point where you will be patronized. But the bottom line is, if you want to talk to someone, you can easily find an ear which might not the case in other busy and huge cities.
  1. You have better chances of landing in a reliable job here. Yes, there will always be something for you in Chicago as this city is full of opportunities. Even if you just have graduated or just looking for a part-time job this will not be impossible in Chicago.

  1. Chicago may not be Paris or Prague but there is no denying that this city is also beautiful and is equipped with a beauty worth appreciating. Yes, you can say that when it comes to the aesthetics of this city, they are the most underappreciated. But wait till you will really discover them and you will change your opinion about Chicago.

There are still a lot of things you probably don’t know about Chicago. But once you get there and settle there with your family, you will start to understand that despite some bad publicity, the city is still buzzing with people and one of the most favourite tourist destinations.

You should pack your things now and seek an apartment or maybe a new home for you to cherish. You don’t need to leave anything behind as there are also cheap storage units in Chicago you can temporarily rent if the place you will find cannot accommodate all your things. Just be sure to do a background check before affixing your signature as not all licensed can be relied on. You might just put your possessions in a great risk.