Elliptical and treadmill are the most used machines in the gym. While both have certain unique features, the elliptical proves to be better than the treadmill in some aspects.

Factors which make the elliptical a preferred choice over treadmills

Few reasons why many people prefer elliptical over treadmills include:

Easy accessibility and suitability

The elliptical proves to be suitable for people of all ages and having different levels of fitness. It is also well suited for people, who wish to go back to their fitness routine after a gap. The elliptical facilitates easy motion and may hence be used by beginners. Besides being suitable to almost everyone, another advantage of the elliptical is that it can be found in almost every gym.

Intensive workouts

An aspect that acts strongly in favor of the elliptical in the Best elliptical vs treadmill debate is that while working out on this machine, the pulse rates tend to be higher. The legs are also worked out more in comparison to working out on a treadmill.

Upper body workout

While working out on an elliptical, doing upper body workouts is also possible, a feature which is absent in treadmills. This can easily be done by moving the handles, using dumbbells or doing shoulder presses.

Low impact

When compared with the treadmill, the elliptical proves to be a lower impact machine and hence is suitable for people suffering from lower back, knee and joint issues. The low impact machine can also be used by people who may have suffered injuries. The elliptical can make recovering from injuries easier.

Full body workout

An elliptical can ensure a full body workout. Both the lower and upper body can be worked out using an elliptical. The bone formation and strength can easily be improved by working all the muscles of the body.

Few other benefits of the elliptical over treadmills include:

  • The intensity of the workout on an elliptical may be controlled according to the requirement.
  • Elliptical workouts can provide relief in fatigue caused due to back pain and hence may improve the quality of life.

  • Multitasking is possible while engaging in an elliptical workout.
  • A variety of exercises similar to climbing staircases, running, walking and jogging may be done on an elliptical.
  • Elliptical machines are compact and occupy very little space whereas for treadmills a large amount of space may be required.
  • In comparison to treadmills, an elliptical is easy to maintain.

Elliptical workouts offer a number of advantages. Due to the benefits offered, many people prefer them over a treadmill.