What would you do if you were to spend your teen life as a celebrity? Not all would be able to handle the stardom, as Amanda Bynes had to suffer the consequences of reaching immense heights at a young age. However, her inability to handle the stardom at a young age led to her early retirement from her acting career.

You may wonder how the teen star had trouble with her stardom, read on. You could find out more about the rise of Amanda Bynes as a teen celebrity in Hollywood here.

The celebrated teen life of Amanda Bynes

Bynes did not experience a usual life of a teenager. She had to manage to squeeze some things in between takes. Her reported thing with her co-star Taran Killam lasted almost a year before they parted their ways. However, Bynes celebrated her sixteenth birthday with the gift of her driver’s license.

However, she had to sacrifice a few things that a usual teen would do such as visiting the malls and participating in school dances. She did not have adequate time to spend on homecoming games, as her acting career was taking her to Hollywood. Amanda had to replace her slumber parties for red carpet events. She seemed happy, but soon things were about to change for good.

An apple of the eye

During her teen years, Bynes was too occupied with her career. She hardly noticed her teenage years passing by quickly. She achieved seven Teen Choice Awards by 2004 along with nine other nominations accredited to her name. Amanda had become the beloved teen actress in Hollywood. She became a role model to a million young hearts.

She even reserved a spot on the iconic 2003 Vanity Fair Teen Girls cover. However, similar to the other star children, the higher the success for Bynes, the more she fell. People started to wonder how far her career would take her. She was about to find out in her adulthood.

Bynes became an adult officially

The talented Bynes made the most of numerous projects coming her way along with the cash. However, Bynes went to television when offered the role of a protagonist in What I Like About You. Her character was set at sixteen years old at the beginning of the show; she had some mature content to deal with in the plotline.

During her eighteenth birthday, Bynes had claimed another Kids Choice Awards. By this time, Bynes had started experiencing substances. It was only a matter of time that drug abuse started affecting her entire life.