If you are someone who is trying to shift from heavy-weight training and move on to strength training, then calisthenics is the perfect option for you. Many things make calisthenics a lucrative option. The exercises are not very difficult. You don’t require much space and equipment. Some exercises, like the various types of pull-ups, might require you to purchase equipment. Apart from these, there are many other benefits of calisthenics as well.

If you don’t train regularly or are a complete newbie, then it is going to feel very difficult for the initial period. But calisthenics is about making it easier rather than constantly forcing your body to do difficult things. Starting to do it might feel like a difficult job. But being able to do it with a community will make it a lot easier. Communities like Calisthenics Worldwide let you meet other people who are trying like you to start. If you start doing calisthenics, then only you’ll be able to find the alternative options for the most basic weight training. But here is the breakdown of the most important exercises to support and increase your whole body strength without making it difficult.

Chin-Ups for Barbell Curls

If you know even a little bit about weight training, there’s no doubt you know dumbbell or barbell curls are one of the most popular exercises for those who want big arms. The equivalent in calisthenics is chin-ups. All you need is a free standing pull-up bar and a small space to store it. You can even alter your chin-ups according to your abilities and the difficulty level you’re seeking. 

Tricep Dips for Cable Pushdowns 

There are various exercises for the triceps, but cable push-down is the most preferred one. If you are a newbie, purchasing a rope push-down will be very expensive. But instead, you can get it done without having to invest a single penny. All you need is a chair or a bench where you can sit and get the position right and perform the dips. Similar to Chin-Ups, the difficulty level for tricep dips too can be altered by holding at the bottom position or adding isometric holds.

Push Ups for Bench Press

All the male gym-going population can confirm that the bench press is the single most popular exercise. But the problem is that it is next to impossible to find someone doing it with the correct form. This significantly increases the chances of injuries so severe that you may not even be able to use your arm for the rest of your life. Regular push-ups are an easier option, with a form that is very easy to perfect. Ring flies are one level ahead of regular push-ups.

Jump Rope for Barbell Calf Raises

The single rule for more strong, defined and bigger calves are to jump. Nothing else will help you strengthen your calf better than jumping. But jumping can be very monotonous and difficult as well. You can play a sport that involves dynamic and quick bursts of movement, such as football or basketball. 


Whatever people say, you will always find a proper and easy substitute in calisthenics for weight training. But with this being said, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with weight training. It can be very tough and present the challenges you need to train and build yourself.