There’s no doubt that morning sex is a fantastic way to start the day. You have the ideal setting, are well-rested, and are cuddly. Not to mention the fact that getting busy in bed will quickly wake you up.

In reality, morning sex has the potential to be the answer to all happiness. Don’t believe us? Here are science-backed reasons why & how morning sex can prove beneficial for a happy life.

  • For The Best Sex Sessions

Since you’re already in bed and your body is ready for it, morning is the best time for sex. Yeah, there’s a reason you wake up in the morning with wicked horns. Your sex hormones are at their highest levels in the early hours, and the higher they are, the greater your libido. This also means that you can try all the best sex positions because he’ll be able to last longer. Studies prove that high male sex hormones lead to greater erectile strength. So up, pump, and away!

  • It Makes You Happier

Do you want to start your day off on a happier note? It is all about sex.

Sex releases endorphins, a feel-good chemical that relieves pain and improves the mood.  Sex also releases dopamine, yet another happy hormone, which is the brain’s reward hormone. It also contains oxytocin, the third happy hormone. This is the cuddle hormone, which makes you feel closer to and cherished by your partner.

Another plus? This morning reflux of all the feel-good hormones will improve your brain’s cognitive function.

Morning sex, in other words, will make you happier, smarter and bring you and your partner closer.

  • It is The Most Enjoyable Workout Ever

Sex counts as a workout. No, literally.

A passionate kiss can burn up to 2 calories per minute, while sex burns approximately 5 calories per minute. Sure, it won’t burn as many calories as a jog in the park (about 11 calories per minute). However, you’d be burning calories in the best sex positions possible, so we’ll consider it a win-win scenario.

  • It helps to de-stress.

Have you been feeling stressed lately? Science says pleasurable behaviors can lower stress hormone levels, and we can’t think of anything more pleasurable than a  dose of the big O.

  • It Makes You Healthier

Although sex may not be a match for your vitamin pills, research has shown that it can improve your immunity by activating your body’s immune system against bugs, pathogens, and many other allergens. Put it the other way sex makes you healthier!

  • It Will Make You More Youthful

Sex and orgasm can help you look younger. Sex releases oxytocin, beta-endorphins, and increases immunity. Orgasms and the resulting surge in sex hormones will potentially improve collagen production. This means that having early morning sex will make your post-sex youthful glow last indefinitely!

Morning Sex can make you healthier, more youthful, and wiser.  So, what’s better than waking up to a fresh cup of coffee? Waking up to a big bowl of freshly served orgasms!