What Is Botox?

Botox is a neurotoxin that blocks chemical signals from the nerve to muscle, minimising muscle contraction. The effects are temporary and generally lasts three to four months. The cost of Botox varies, depending on the amount required and how many areas are being treated.

Look out for low bargain prices and insanely steep online discounts; this tends to mean that the ‘doctor’ lacks skill and experience. The results will show. It works a little like a 401(k) for your skin: The earlier you start, the better you’ll look as you age. So in other words, its best used as a preventative measure than as a corrective solution after you’ve already started showing significant signs of ageing.

Where to Get Botox Injected

Crow’s feet are common targets for 30 something men who seek the treatment. Every time you laugh, squint, frown or smile your facial muscles make tiny creases in your skin that worsen as the years go by. If you were able to keep a completely straight face throughout your entire life, those same muscles would still flex, creating lines that are unavoidable to prevent—without a little help, of course.

For several men, that promise is exceptionally enticing. As a matter of fact, research has shown that in the last 15 years, the use of botulinum toxin type A, (Botox), has jumped to more than 350 percent just among men. In 2015 nearly half a million men had Botox treatments.

How You May Look And Feel After Botox

Blocking wrinkles from appearing is not the only reason why men are lining up for Botox injections. Other benefits are drawing them in like migraine pain, relaxing twitches and treating excessive sweating. Although in most cases, it’s about keeping up with appearances.

After the skilled injector finishes drawing dots on your face, he/she will make multiple tiny injections—all are very quick and a relatively painless pinch. You will most likely take a nervous glance in the mirror to look, especially if you’re a newbie. To your relief, if your treatment is being administered by a skilled injector like at Man Cave Sydney, there will barely be a drop of blood, and only a slight puffiness that will go away within an hour.

After Treatment

The next morning you should already be able to notice a difference. You’re not going to wake up and look 16 years old again, but you will look more rejuvenated like you’ve just awakened from the best sleep of your life.

After two to three weeks, you should start seeing changes in the treated areas. For example, you will see that when you raise your eyebrows, they don’t move as much yet still look natural. You may see some unexpected benefits, too, like sweating less from your forehead.