Many times, the dentist will advise you to get the tooth extracted which is giving you too much trouble and pain. However, in some situations, the cavity in the tooth is so vigorous that the dentist extracts it before it causes further trouble. However, the procedure does not end at the dentist’s clinic. There are various precautions and steps, which one must do at home to make sure that the affected area is healed quickly. These tips and tricks are usually given by your dentist, who has extracted the tooth.

There are various kinds of tooth extractions which a dentist performs depending on the situation. While some procedures are easy to carry on the patient and the dentist does not require any advance tools, some of the extraction procedures are done by an intricate surgery. However, it is essential to remember that both the procedures will have different precautions. In this article, we will be discussing about the different kinds of tooth extractions and the precautions one must take after such extractions.

Learn about the kinds of tooth extraction

If the tooth is damaged or it is affected by a vigorous cavity, and no dental procedure is working on the tooth, then extracting it is the best option. However, the process must be performed by skilled and an experienced dentist. The Dupont Circle dental clinic is considered as the best place to get extraction. The two kinds of extractions have been listed below –

  • Simple extraction – in this procedure, the dentist will loosen up the affected tooth using an instrument known as the elevator. Once the tooth is loosening up, the dentist will then carefully extract it from the gum using forceps.

  • Surgical extraction – if the affected tooth has not developed, surgery needs to be performed. Here, the dentist will pull out the tooth by making an incision.

Know some precautions after the tooth extraction

The most efficient precautions, which one must keep in mind after getting their tooth extracted are –

  • Always take your painkillers before the effect from the sedatives is gone.
  • It is extremely essential that you rest well for a day so that you can recover properly.
  • If you are suffering from swelling in your mouth, seek help from the ice pack.
  • Till the time you are healed properly, consume only soft foods.

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