Do you know what a bouncy castle is? Maybe you are not familiar with the term but I assure you that you already see one. Sometimes, this is also called a jumping castle. You will usually find in malls in the games sections. Just by the sound of it, it is a gigantic inflatable toy that looks like a castle. Kids will really enjoy them as they can bounce all they want without getting hurt. They will also try to climb up and down with other kids.

However, though this looks safe but it can be risky as well if you will not be cautious when picking one. As a guide, here are some tips when choosing a bouncy castle or a provider:

  1. As most of the companies have their online counterpart, you can check online for a quick find of the provider. Just make sure to filter your search to your location. The closer the company to the location where you will have the event, the better actually as it will be easier to communicate and deal with them.
  2. You should not forget to ask references. Yes, you can check the merchandise yourself but aside from that, you must also know how they deal with their customers. You can get ideas from their previous customers.
  3. Check out the bouncy castles yourself. Note that bouncy castles differ in sizes and capacities. Thus before doing this, you must first estimate the number of kids that will use this. Anyway, if they can’t be accommodated at the same time, you can just divide them into groups.
  4. As this will be played by kids, you have to ensure their safety. Only choose a provider with a commendable reputation as even if you will check the merchandise, there might some areas in it, you will miss. At least if the company is reputable, you will have peace of mind knowing that they won’t rent out merchandise that is defective. They will surely have it checked by their people first. This does not mean though that you won’t need to check yourself.

First Choice Children’s Entertainment is one of the providers of jumping castles. If you are in Toronto, you should be able to enjoy their service. You can check for their link here and at the same time, check out their other services.