So now you are completely aware of the fact that Invisalign can offer you a beautiful and straight smile, isn’t it? However, you might be wondering that what it will be like wearing it, right?

You don’t really need to worry anymore since here you will get complete details you want about Invisalign. You won’t really require changing your life too much when wearing Invisalign.

The following do’s and don’ts of it will really help you ensure desired results.

Do Smile!

You don’t need Photoshop here! With Invisalign’s invisible braces, you will never feel self conscious about presenting your million dollar smile! You don’t need to shy away anymore.

Do clean your Invisalign!

It is highly recommended to clean your invisible braces at regular intervals. You can soak them in vinegar solution or even brush them lightly with soft-bristle toothbrush to keep them sparkling and clean at all times!

Do Eat!

Unlike traditional braces, you can easily eat anything and everything you want when wearing Invisalign. After removing them for a snack and meal, you can eat all the foods that might be not possible for traditional braces like chewy candies, popcorn, crunchy chips, caramel, hard candy, and so forth. However, ensure to brush your teeth as well as put the aligners back immediately after you eat to get best possible results.

Don’t just leave them unclean!

The aligners may get stained over time. So, make sure to floss and brush after you eat and drink especially when it comes to highly pigmented foods. After all, you won’t really like to make your invisible braces visible as a result of residue, right? So, keep them clean always!

Don’t scratch them!

Take proper care of your aligners at least till your treatment last. Your aligner may get broken down or scratched in case they get pulled out all of a sudden. So, be always careful when handling them.

Don’t play with your aligners

The first few days after this treatment may prove to be a bit difficult since it may take couple of days to get used to them. So during this period, ensure to leave your aligners alone. Prevent from assessing edges of them with tongue or they may get sore or scratched.

Overall, handle your aligners with great care. Just follow the above list and you are sure to get best results and a gorgeous smile!