E-cigarettes, also simply known as e-cigs, have become very popular in the past decade or so. However, they have been around for much longer (e-cigs were actually introduced back in 2001) in localised markets. Unfortunately, upon their initial release, e-cigs failed to get much traction simply because most people considered them to be a pretty poor alternative to conventional cigarettes. The entire industry had to rebrand itself and focus on a completely different market in order to really find its footing and grow. Fast forward to today; vaping has become a very popular hobby amongst millions of people. From teenagers to adults, vaping has grown quickly across all demographics. There are vaping contests, known as cloud chasing, that are held across the country with thousands of people participating as well. So, what has led to such a huge boom in the e-cig industry? Here are some major factors that may have contributed to the popularity of e-cigs across the globe.

A Shift in Marketing

In the beginning, e-cig companies generally marketed their products as a replacement for conventional cigarettes. They touted e-cigs as a “healthier alternative” to people who were trying to quit smoking. However, that didn’t go over very well because avid smokers just weren’t willing to make the effort. The ones who were eventually found that e-cigs were not a viable alternative to conventional smokes. As a result, sales continued to tank until eventually the marketers realised that a change was necessary. The reason why e-cigs became popular was because they were introduced as a new trend. They were made available in a bunch of unique and new flavours, and companies quickly started introducing a range of other accessories that people could purchase to make their vaping experience even better. On top of that, these companies started holding different kinds of events in order to allow enthusiasts to meet with each other and try unique new “builds.”

A Better Solution

Rather than marketing on their own, most e-cig companies simply refer customers to detailed scientific studies that have been carried out by private universities and research centres, all of which have confirmed that e-cigs are actually healthier when compared with conventional smokes. That’s because they don’t contain the hundreds of other carcinogens and harmful substances found in a standard cigarette. Studies have shown that e-cigs are a much better solution than regular cigarettes.

Easily Available

Another reason why e-cigarettes in Australia have become so popular is because they are readily available from almost every store nowadays. You can buy these e-cigarettes online or from your local vaping shop.

There are literally hundreds of different starter kits that you can choose from and once you get in the habit of vaping, you can then create your own custom build to get just the right kind of flavour, based on your personal preferences. So if you are thinking of getting started, buy your e-cig today!