Coffee is one of the most popular drinks that are currently available, especially as there are more and more coffee shops that have occurred throughout the country. People know some of the larger names in the coffee industry, and they are sure to know some of the local, hometown restaurants in the industry. What is forgotten, however, is the history of coffee and where exactly it comes from, which gives rise to understand the reasons why this drink is so popular. For more information on the history of coffee, including a modern sense of history, continue reading the information found below.

Where Coffee Stands Today

Before diving into the history of coffee though, it is important to understand where exactly coffee is in the standings of the modern world. This drink is truly one of the most popular drinks available as mentioned, and it has greatly evolved from its humble beginnings as a simple hot beverage. Now, for instance, you can drink coffee with a variety of flavors such as with peppermint coffee syrup and in a variety of styles. These include frappucinos, iced coffees, cold brew, French press coffee, drip coffee and so much more. It really is almost completely the customer’s choice when choosing the coffee that they want to drink.

The Beginnings of Coffee

Now that you may understand exactly what the standing of coffee is today, it is important to understand where it came from. Believe it or not, coffee did not originate in South America, but it was originally found in the forests of Ethiopia. Kaldi, who was a goat shepherd, was said to be the first individual to discover this delicious drink. The coffee beans were sent to the monasteries, where it began to become common along the Arabian Peninsula. Pilgrims to the area began to bring back stories of this beverage to Europe in the 17th century when it was then brought to America upon the time of the English settlement.

Where is Coffee Grown?

Since coffee was brought literally all around the world from its first discovery in Ethiopia, it is grown all over the world. Currently, South America is the most common location where coffee is grown, with Brazil being the specific largest harvester and maker of this precious commodity. Ethiopia is still a large producer of the plant, and there are locations throughout Asia as well where they produce coffee, including China. This may be due to the spread to the Arabian Peninsula as aforementioned.

How is Coffee Harvested?

Coffee is not just picked off of a plant in one of the above countries, boiled then served. It requires a delicate harvesting process, and there are actually four methods that are available to individuals who are in charge of producing coffee. There are two methods by hand that is called the stripping method and handpicking where stripping just swipes the cherries first then taking the bad ones, and handpicking requires only choosing the good ones. A comb can also be utilized to pull the cherries that are ready from the trees, or a mechanical brush can be used to pull the cherries as well.

Why is Coffee So Popular Today?

There are many benefits that people find from drinking coffee, many of which have been found from the beginnings of this delicious drink. One of the first benefits that are found is that coffee is known for providing a sense of alertness and mental clarity from the caffeine intake. This can also add to a sense of relaxation and joy that come from drinking the warm beverage as well. It is also a very social drink in that you can enjoy a cup of coffee together, at a local shop, where you can get warm or receive a refreshing drink during the summer.

Coffee is a drink that is enjoyed throughout the world today, even with its humble beginnings by the discovery of a shepherd in Ethiopia. It expanded across the world quickly, allowing it to be harvested on almost every continent today. Now, you can easily enjoy a cup of coffee with friends in almost any town anywhere you go in this world. Coffee is a lovely drink that can bring joy and bring the community together.