Searle introduced Oxandrin as Anavar to treat sick people who lost their weight and also suffering from Hepatitis and burn injuries. After there were plenty of negative publicity in the press for its misuse by athletes and bodybuilders, Searle stopped its manufacturing in 1989. In 1995 again, the same drug has been introduced in the market under the name of Oxandrin, which is legal in the USA. Since its detection period is low and is much safer than other steroids, Oxandrin has become very popular drug.

Classification of Oxandrin

In the USA, Oxandrin is approved uses by the FDA and it is classified as schedule III drug, but it is important for you to know that it can be obtained against prescription only. Being less androgenic it can be easily stacked with any other steroids and also preferred by many women. Some underground labs too produce this drug who claims it to be of pharmaceutical grade. Due to this reason many fake drugs are also found in the market that proves to be ineffective. Besides that, there can be danger too as you may not know what you are really buying.

Few trusted brands like Newport Brand, Pharma Grade and Pharmacom also make this drug.

Bodybuilding results of Oxandrin

You can take this drug orally and it can help in improving lean muscle growth and also burn your fats. Since Oxandrin does not cause any water retention problem and hence your muscles will be very well defined and sharp. Male bodybuilders usually take this during cutting phase while women can obtain great results during bulking phase. Its side effects are very limited and hence most people consider it as safe drug. Besides weight loss people also use it for increasing their endurance.

Bodybuilders who want to get much better results may stack many other steroids. Winstrol and cardarine are two popular drugs that can be combined with Oxandrin. This can help you to get well defined muscle without any water retention or bloating.


For men 25 to 50 mg per day will be quite effective while women may take 5 to 20 mg to get desired results. It is better to take half dose during morning and the rest before you start your workout. Women should take the next half after their workout for better results. Since half life of this drug is 9 to 10 hours and people think it is effective for 5 hours and hence it is split into two doses.

Side effects

Side effects are comparatively milder as compared to other steroids. Liver is usually affected. It should be taken for 8 weeks and never exceed 10 weeks. Few side effects are as follows:

  • Suppression of natural testosterone
  • Loss of libido
  • Adverse effect on cholesterol
  • Acne and hair loss