Winstrol is one of the popular anabolic steroid commonly used by athletes and body builders, though it was developed to treat diseases like anemia and angioedema. It is the best steroid for athletes who are looking for a lean body while adding muscle power and strength. The means it is best used in cutting cycles and not suitable for one who wish to gain weight. It is also used in treating certain medical ailments like osteoporosis, given to burn victims, also known to be used in some children with delayed growth.

The chemical name of winstrol is stanozolol. It is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone- DHT, which alters with DHT in two structural changes. One alteration is the addition of a Pyrazole group at A-ring of the hormone replacing the 3-keto group, classifying the steroid as hetero cyclic steroid. The second change is the addition of a methyl group at 17th carbon because of which the steroid is classified as C17 alkylated anabolic steroid. These alterations in the structure of the steroid help in reducing the androgenic activity and increase in the anabolic activity of the hormone. Studies have shown the ratio of anabolic to androgenic action is 320:20.

Winstrol doesn’t aromatize, which means it will not convert to estrogen. Thus the estrogen related side effects are less when winstrol is used and there is no need to take anti -estrogens when winstrol is taken. Unlike other steroids it reduces the high-density lipoproteins levels and enhances the low-density lipoproteins levels.

Winstrol is majorly used in cutting cycles, where the main goal is to reduce the fat and retaining the lean muscle tissue. Sometimes can also used in bulking cycles. However, the user should focus on the recommendations to follow while using the steroid.

Winstrol is available in both oral and injectable forms both seem to have the same power, but oral form is the preferred one. Winstrol oral form is available in tablet form which usually in 10mg and 50mg quantities. The winstrol injections should be taken intramuscularly. The oral form has a half life of 8-9 hours and the injectable forms can sustain for 36-48 hours after administration. So the oral steroid users can split the dose and to be taken several times as it lasts for only 8 hours in the blood.

The dosage levels differ from individual to individual. Men require high doses than women. Men can take a dosage of 40-80 mg whereas for women it is only 5-15 mg. The cycle can range from 6-8 weeks. The diet and the workouts also interfere in deciding the dosage levels.

One can stack winstrol with other steroids depending on his requirements. These stacking steroids include testosterone, anadrol, and dianabol in bulking cycle, halotestin, trenbolone in cutting cycle.

As winstrol is toxic to liver, it should not be stacked with other hepatotoxic compounds.

It is recommended to take the steroid with meal to avoid stomach upsets.

It is suggested to avoid the alcohol consumption when steroids are used.

In spite having certain side effects winstrol is the best steroid for many athletes and body builders when properly guided under a professional.