Pregnancy is a beautiful part of life. Becoming a mother is worth all of the physical limitations and hardships. There are many ways that pregnancy affects your body. Although all women are different, there are many common issues that most women complain about after having a baby. There are ways to improve discomfort and loss of strength with proper physiotherapy. It takes time and patience to get in shape after having a baby. Work with your doctor to plan an exercise routine that is safe for you.

Wait Until the Right Time

It can be difficult to remain inactive for several weeks, especially if you are used to doing whatever you want. Even women that workout regularly, however, must take a break after the baby is born. Depending on the type of birth you had, this could be even longer than the standard six to eight weeks. A caesarean section is not just childbirth, it is an actual surgery. Recovery involves healing of many layers of muscle and tissue that have been cut through. Your uterus, as well, suffers damage.

Physiotherapy may not begin full-force until you have met certain recovery standards. You may be assigned less strenuous exercises to do soon after the baby is born. There are even some strengthening exercises that can be done while sitting down. You may be able to take short walks, as well.

Target Areas

There are a few main areas that are affected by pregnancy. Some are affected by stretching of skin and ligaments during the pregnancy, while others are changed from the birth process. The abdominal area is a main concern for most women. This is the part of the body that shows the most change when you look in the mirror. The stretching can cause loose skin and weakened muscles. Women also notice a lot of weight gain in their thighs and buttocks. When you give birth, you go through some changes internally, as well. Many women complain about incontinence during and after pregnancy. There are specific exercises for this that you may be taught at your physiotherapy sessions.

Small Changes

It is important to enjoy your new role as a mother and worry less about achieving a perfect physique. Change may be slow at first. You should feel good about yourself for every small milestone that you accomplish. It is not easy to accept that getting in shape may take more effort than you are used to. You can add to your progress by making healthy dietary choices. Pregnancy physio in Perth is meant to enhance your fitness by focusing on your health first. Strength is built in a safe way that is meant to be long-lasting.

It is possible to become strong and healthy after a pregnancy. Some pregnancies and births lead to more complications than others. Your doctor can help you plan an exercise routine or refer you to a physiotherapy specialist. This way, you have someone that is looking out for every aspect of your recovery. Between the doctor and the physiotherapist, you can achieve the best fitness advice. You can be safe, while getting back to a better strength and weight.