If you know someone that has just become a new parent, then you’ll most likely want to treat them to a heartfelt present. It can be a tumultuous time for these new parents, so thoughtful gifts can really make a big difference. Here are some ideas to get you started…

Gift Vouchers

New parents are often bombarded with clothes and baby items, often more than they will ever use! Too many newborn clothes and items will mean that they don’t get used, as the baby grows in no time. This can also be an additional stress on the new parent, as they might have to find time to return clothes that don’t fit.

Therefore, you may prefer to treat them to a gift voucher instead. This can allow them to pick out something that they really need, rather than gifting something they may already have. You can even get them a gift card to their favourite store, so they can treat themselves for a change!

A Photography Course

We all love to take pictures of our kids as they grow up and we want them to be as good as they can be. While new parents might love taking these photos, they might look back and wish they had done a better job. Therefore, a photography course could be the perfect answer.

Photoion courses in London are great introductions for beginners to get them taking better photos than ever. They go over just about everything you need to take more professional pictures. This can save the new parents a lot of cash on a baby photo shoot too.


Any parent will tell you that their child has grown up too fast! Mementos help new parents to stop and smell the roses, as it were, as they take time to record special moments. Baby books and keepsakes will be treasured for years to come, as parents can look back on those special moments.

These can be pretty unique and they can even be personalised for the new baby. This gives a nice added touch to the present that the parents will be sure to appreciate.


As new parents, it can be difficult to find the time to do something for yourself. This can fall by the wayside as you put the new baby first and settle into the new flow of life with a baby. After a time, it can be difficult to get back into having adult conversations and experiences away from the child.

As such, it can be a good idea to gift new parents with an experience. A meal out, afternoon tea or a girls pamper night can be just what’s needed to have them looking after themselves again. This allows them to have time away from the home with other grownups.

New parents can have a big task at hand and a thoughtful gift can make all the difference for them. Check out some of these gifts to reward the new parent in your life.

Image: Pixabay