Because we constantly use our brains for almost everything we do, we usually don’t notice that we overwork our brains too much and in doing so, we tend to burn out. This is especially true with students who always feed their brain with new information day in and day out and truthfully, it can become quite stressful and even hard to intake every new information being fed.

Not everybody has the brain capacity to take in new information from different topics every day as much as retain them. This is why some natural supplements are becoming more and more popular with students these days. One supplement in particular, pramiracetam, seems to have found a home in school campuses and dormitories for that exact purpose, to help the students’ memory.

Learn something new everyday

While this quotation might be true to some extent, retaining this new information can be quite a task especially when one is constantly bombarded with new information every day. Some people have good memory while others don’t, which is why the supplement is favoured by students. It helps develop the brain’s overall functions which lead to the ability to store more information, increase learning and focus which are all very useful traits a student will need to get through school.

Expanding your capacity

Since the supplement enhances your ability to take in and retain more information, it makes you learn things at a faster and easier pace compared to before. No more late nights troubling yourself trying to understand a specific topic. Learn new things and enjoy them while you’re at it with this nootropic supplement.

Alive and alert

Similar to other nootropics, it stimulates your brain in a way that it enhances your cognitive skills and overall improves your mental alertness and focus so you don’t keep getting side-tracked while studying for big exams. Distractions are a thing of the past. It also improves your ability to think rapidly and formulate ideas on the fly which means you can get out of almost any sticky situation you might find yourself in by thinking rationally and not go panicking.

HD quality sound and vision

The supplement is also noted to improve your sensory perception which means you get to have improved hearing as well as vision. See everything vividly in HD like quality and hear everything as if you’re listening to Dolby surround sound studio speakers.

Repair your memories

Aside from those listed above, the supplement is also used in the medical field to treat patients who have suffered memory loss as well as cognitive functions due to brain injury as well as being used to treat patients with Alzheimer’s in the hopes of repairing the brain tissues damaged by the disease.

Although it is quite tricky to find a specific dosage for each person, studies have shown that taking 1200 mg divided into either two or three doses every day is a good way to start. After that, you can gradually increase the dosage depending on the results. There are only a few adverse side effects related to the supplement and these are usually well tolerated if you stay well within the recommended dosage. In general, pramiracetam is really an overall supplement that can be found useful by anybody, whether you are a student that needs to improve your memory or someone who just wants to improve their memory capability, the supplement is for you.