Sometimes, you will feel physically tired even if you do not do anything productive all day long.

Fatigue is the definite sign of something medically wrong with your body. If you don’t sleep well and don’t have a healthy life, feel free to contact your family doctor this as could be the symptoms of any medical problem in your body like iron deficiency or thyroid problems. For serious conditions, you can opt for Kansas City jetlag relief treatments for fast recovery.

Causes of Fatigue:

In general, there is the combination of causes of fatigue

  • Lack of sleep
  • Emotional stress
  • Bad nutrition
  • Physical effort

Symptoms of Fatigue:

Fatigue can cause a wide range of additional symptoms, including:

  1. Physical:

It is a phase in which you will be feeling tired all the time and also experience issues such as headaches, dizziness, pain, sore or weak muscles, loss of appetite, tendency to get sick.

  1. Mental:

The phase is characterized by reflexes and slow responses, poor decision-making and judgment, short-term memory problems, lack of concentration.

  1. Emotional:

With emotional fatigue you will feel moody, irritable, depressed and hopeless with very low motivation level.

Fatigue treatments:

You do not have to travel to get tired! Long days of work, sleepless nights and depression can cause extreme fatigue. A balanced diet and exercise can increase energy levels over time, but for faster results, proper treatment is required. Hydration specialist will work with you to customize a treatment that hydrates you completely and replaces any vitamin or mineral that you might lose. Hydration Recovery Therapy will relieve fatigue and help you recover quickly from fatigue.


Jet lag, also known as time zone shift syndrome or desynchronization, occurs when people travel quickly through time zones or when their sleep is interrupted, for example, because of shift work.

It is a physiological condition that results from an interruption of the body’s circadian rhythms, also known as the body’s clock; it looks like a circadian rhythm disorder. You can opt for Kansas City jetlag relief treatments for fast recovery.

Symptoms of Jet lag:

There are different symptoms of jet lag.

  • Sleep disorders, insomnia, lethargy and fatigue
  • Some heavy and painful headaches
  • Irritability, confusion and difficulty concentrating
  • Slight depression
  • Loss of appetite
  • A feeling of unstable vertigo
  • Gastrointestinal disorders, such as diarrhea or constipation

How to Recover From Jetlag:

Jetlag’s exclusive treatment against emergency hydration therapy will take you back to your usual routine and you’ll feel brave in no time! If you are looking for a dream vacation, it can be a way to work, for a pilot agent a flight that needs a boost, a mixture of minerals, vitamins and metabolites needed to calm their lap time and return your body to its state of rest and energetic. Give a try at Kansas City jetlag relief to get rid of the problem.

In Minutes Jetlag IV Treatment from Airport:

At Kansas City jetlag relief, we offer intravenous treatment to tired travelers throughout Kansas City International Airport and downtown Kansas City Airport. Whether you are at your hotel, at home or at work, we can send you a Certified Hydration Specialist to help you recover from jetlag in an instant. We also provide jet lag relief for most areas of Kansas City and surrounding areas, which include:

  • North Kansas City
  • Liberty
  • Lee Summit
  • Excelsior Springs
  • Gladstone
  • Parkville