Modalert is one wakefulness agent and it is used for being better focused, stay awake and for working better. This compound is also an effectual cognitive enhancer which can develop your decision-making power. This supplement works by influencing some brain chemicals which control the sleep as well as wake cycle and has been proved to augment attention capacity, vigilance, and wakefulness. It had initially got approval for excessive sleepiness that is the result of narcolepsy and now this medication is prescribed for many conditions, such as depression and multiple sclerosis. According to the researchers, this medication can also treat ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) well although it still needs to be proved.

This medication has got approval by the FDA to treat narcolepsy and it is sold under different brand names. It is classed as a Schedule IV compound and has a low probability of abuse. Researchers aren’t aware how this medication influences your brain but it seems that countless people are asking their physicians to advise this drug for improving their cognitive performance. This medication is termed as a “smart drug” for numerous students who take it for staying focused and awake even though it hasn’t got the license to be sold unlawfully minus a valid prescription. You can buy Modalert 200 from India from Sun Pharmaceuticals and this company also sells this medication in 100mg sized tablets.

Suggested dosage

The advised dosage of this medication is 200mg once daily. Actually, dosage nearly 400mg daily can be well tolerated but it hasn’t been proved that a dosage of 400mg daily provides more benefits compared to the dosage of 200mg per day. Additionally, this medication has got an elimination half-life of 12-15 hours and it is non-addictive in nature. You can take this medication along with food or without food. You are suggested to take it once either during the morning or in the afternoon. When you are taking this medication for shift work sleep problems then you can take it an hour prior to the starting of your shift.

Buying this medication

Actually, the Modafinil compound, particularly with brand names, such as Provigil is pretty costly which can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars every month. Hence, to satisfy the huge demands of this drug, many online pharmacies are selling this compound at a much cheaper rate. Though there are some legal and legitimate pharmacies that need a physician’s prescription to buy this medication, yet there are some that do not. So, the authenticity and safety of this medication from these pharmacies are often suspected.

However, it is vital to do a thorough research prior to buying for avoiding counterfeited products. As this medication is a Schedule IV controlled drug in the United States so it is not lawful to import it from an international pharmacy as your product can be seized at the border. This is the reason; some people use Adrafinil as it isn’t a controlled drug and for buying it you aren’t required to have a prescription. However, you can buy Modalert 200 from India at a pretty reasonable price.