Much more than an investment, your glasses are your everyday companions. Everyone appreciates having a clear and sharp vision, and it is essential to take good care of their glasses to have a healthy vision and prolong the life of our lenses. Dust, grease deposits, fingerprints, scratches, and even bacteria; dirty glasses favor the development of germs and must be cleaned to avoid any risk. You will not need various materials to clean your glasses; a clean microfiber cloth and a cleaning solution or soapy water are enough to remove impurities without the risk of scratching your glasses.

Steps To Clean Glasses

Wash and dry your hands

Wash your hands well with soap or washing lotion. Using a towel, wipe them dry. Indeed, germs present on your hands should not be transferred to your glasses.

Run warm water over your glasses to remove dust or other particles that could scratch your lenses. If the water is too hard, use distilled water.

Wipe your lenses with the microfiber cloth.

Apply the cleaning solution or soapy water to both sides of your lenses. Gently rub them over the surface of the lens.

Dry your glasses such as american eyeglasses near me for example by shaking them off the excess water drops, and use a microfiber cloth or the chamois cloth provided to wipe them.

Steps To Clean The Frame:

Run the frame under lukewarm water.

Use a cleaning solution, soapy water, or dish soap to clean the frame.

Rinse the frame thoroughly under lukewarm water to remove all traces of soap or dishwashing liquid.

Use a cleaning wipe to clean your frame’s nose pads and earpieces.

Cleaning the frame is particularly important as it is in constant contact with your skin. For good hygiene, take care of your frames to avoid allergic reactions or the appearance of pimples on the skin.

Clean Your Glasses: What Not To Do

Do not use your shirt, T-shirt, or other clothing to clean your glasses. Also, avoid using paper towels or tissues, which could be rough, and scratch your glasses.

Do not use saliva to wet your glasses or household products containing acetone or alcohol. These products contain ingredients that could damage the coating of your lenses.

Do not try to remove scratches made on your glasses. You risk making things worse.

Storage – Store your glasses in their case; if you don’t have a case handy, place your glasses upside down, with the temples open, in a safe place. Avoid putting your glasses on the couch or the table’s edge. You can also have your glasses cleaned by a professional like AO Eyewear for example and check them with your optician for better follow-up. If you have scratches or scratches, an optician can advise you on what to do.