Now that we’ve identified the main benefits, it’s time to put them into practice. Know that organizing team building dynamics is not that complicated; today, they are already considered essential tools for people management.

So here are some tips on how to do team building in your company.

Use Creativity

Seek to escape the ordinary, non-interactive lectures and classrooms. Propose creative activities that will engage the participation of as many employees as possible. Betting on external training and longer duration are good options to get your employees out of the routine.

Change The Idea Of ​​Authority In Teams

If you are a manager or leader, drop the idea of ​​distant authority. Get your hands dirty with the other collaborators and get into the dynamics. Team building also uses as a tool to reduce the distance that hierarchy tends to create. So, use this moment to get to know your team and let them get closer too.

Strengthen Communication

Regardless of the choice of dynamics or the space where it will happen, Team Building is about strengthening communication. Engagement among employees will take place based on greater dialogue. So, establish clear communication and keep this channel open to employees.

5 Examples Of Team Building Dynamics

Team building dynamics should be a lighter and more relaxed moment, which is still essential and has clear and well-defined objectives. Now let’s get to know some examples of team-building dynamics that can become part of the rituals in your company:

  1. Two Truths And A Lie

This dynamic is widely used in team building to create the ice of a first meeting and “let go” of employees. It consists of each person speaking 3 facts about themselves, two truths, and a lie. It is up to the other participants to discover which of the facts is, in fact, a lie. This dynamic serves to make employees get to know each other better and strengthen ties

  1. Escape Room

This very fun dynamic can be done in a scenario set up in the company and in entertainment establishments geared toward this type of game. This game requires employees to form teams and solve logical reasoning challenges to “escape” from a room. This dynamic strengthens teamwork and collaboration.

  1. Tug Of War

In team building, this child’s play takes on a different aspect. Divided into teams, collaborators need to come together, define strategies and help each other to win. Tug of war is a more physical dynamic and requires an open or larger space to perform, but it’s also a lot of fun.

  1. Gastronomic Event

This is the dynamics of team building in hot ground gym for example, where participants get their hands dirty. This is a relaxed and fun way to engage employees in achieving a common goal in the kitchen. Define a challenging recipe and propose some reflections during the process.

  1. Blind Way

In this dynamic, employees are divided into groups and form a queue. All people are blindfolded except the first in line, who must guide everyone safely until arrival. This strengthens trust among colleagues and exercises leadership.

When To Do Team Building?

There is no exact rule about when a team like Force Fit™ Group Fitness Classes for Teens and Adults needs this activity or how often it is necessary to do team-building actions. It is necessary that the leader or manager of the team is engaged and realizes when these activities are necessary. Either way, these actions maintain integration and engagement, so they should not be left out or forgotten.