You are ready to go hiking in the starting blocks for a week of wild camping; in short, the adventure awaits you. On your checklist, you have planned everything; all that remains is to buy the essential equipment for any expedition, a canvas tent! And there, it could get complicated. A 2- or 3-person tent? Canadian or igloo style? We explain everything you need to know to choose your tent canvas.

Building A Tent

Before getting to the heart of the matter, let’s start by taking a quick tour of the elements that make up a classic tent canvas:

  • Roof: This element will protect you from precipitation, wind, and sun. Depending on the model, you will have a mono-roof or a double-roof (additional canvas that insulates against morning dew and bad weather).
  • Bedroom: The area within your tent where you will sleep and reside is the bedroom. Depending on the model selected, it will either be larger or smaller.
  • Apse: Storage is provided in the tent’s apse, which is either on the front or the side and is covered by the flysheet (food, hiking bags). It shields objects from dampness.
  • Ventilation system: These windows permit air to flow through them to reduce moisture and prevent asphyxia, especially in hot weather.
  • Poles: This is the tent’s frame, which allows it to be held upright.
  • Sardines: These metal rods fix the tent to the ground and stretch the canvas.
  • Guy lines: These ropes allow you to stretch the tent canvas and keep it on the ground in case of wind.
  • Storage bag: Sold with canvas, this transport bag will allow you to store the various elements.

What Use For Your Tent?

  • Camping: If you stay several days in the same place, the camping tent will be your second home. It is, therefore, better to favor heavier but spacious and more comfortable equipment. Ideally, it has several spaces: a rest area, a place to cook, store your belongings, etc.
  • Leisure: For festivals or an evening (almost) under the stars with friends, you do not necessarily need extreme comfort. Instead, opt for lightweight equipment that unfolds in one movement and sets up in 5 minutes!
  • Hiking: If your program is to transform into Indiana Jones, turn to a light model, even ultra-light (less than 1 kg). Designed for roaming, these hiking tent canvases are easy to pitch and resistant to bad weather (but not tornadoes). You can easily carry one in your backpack, in your bike panniers, or on your canoe.
  • Expedition/base camp / high mountain: These ultra-resistant trekking tents, also called “4-season tents”, have been designed to allow you to travel in all climates. Whether it’s windy, snowing, or freezing, you can climb the Himalayas or cross the Sahara.

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