Fitness equipment help individuals to achieve their unique workout goals, be it losing weight or body toning, to achieve the desired look. The quality of the products need not be downplayed to enable individuals to get the best out of the gym services provided. All American Fitness has experienced staff who provide product education, facility design services, and planning expertise despite the size of the commercial gym equipments project. The commitment to understanding every client’s unique goals ensures that the company provides clients with services that meet their satisfaction. The commercial markets included educational facilities, corporate wellness centers, government/ non-profit, and Multi-unit residentials.   Some of the commercial fitness solutions provided include:

Design and Layout

Design and layout for fitness are equally important as the equipment chosen and require the services of an expert to ensure an excellent job. The commercial gym equipment company has over twenty-five years of experience in planning fitness spaces. The professionals discuss every aspect of the gym design with the client to determine the best designs and layout for the client. The process involves formulating aesthetically pleasing, space-efficient, and functional plans. All process requires keen attention to client details to enable the proper execution of the service. Be it new construction or the implementation of changes in an existing facility, the professionals ensure the design work gets done to perfection to facilitate the transition from blueprint to finished product. The close work relationship of the professionals with the project manager, architect, builder, or management company guarantees the successful completion of the commercial gym equipment service. The design and layout come in handy to determine the space available and the number of equipment it can hold; hence it requires professional work to ensure that the room’s potential gets fully maximized.

Leasing Options

Leasing options enable the company to enable customers with commercial gym equipment financing. The professionals understand the difficulty of acquiring funding due to the harsh economic conditions, thus helping clients arrange financing options whether the club is a first-time club owner, established club owner, YMCA, JCC, corporate fitness center, golf course, etc. Through Cybex Capital, clients get several benefits ranging from as low as $5,000 with terms ranging from twenty-four to sixty months. Also, clients get down payments ranging from 0% to 20% depending on the time in business and available leases with a $1 purchase option, fair market value purchase option, and SBA loans. The tailor-made solutions provide the proper structure, pricing, and terms to maximize commercial gym equipment client goals. So far, the process has funded thousands of companies ranging from start-up small businesses to fortune 100 companies. Businesses benefit a lot from the lease option since it is one of the easiest ways of borrowing money, saving the client days of effort and aggravation. In addition, leasing provides businesses with the ability to offer tax benefits depending on the company and type of lease chosen with the professional advice of an accountant or tax expert.