Just about everyone has most likely already heard about the concept of Singaporean households utilizing a Singapore maid. If you’re residing in Singapore, you’ll know the reason why you need one. It’s also wise to understand what it will require before you start having a Singapore maid.

Causes of Getting a Maid

It’s not uncommon for American households to not employ stay-in maids. The conditions however can be a quite different with regards to Singaporean households.

In Singapore however, the culture and the grade of living will need a bit more of your time and energy. Having a Singapore maid can help make sure that you can focus well in your work and never lose much more energy on house work.


Some employers feel the steps utilizing a Singapore maid on their own. It might save you plenty of trouble though should you speak to a trustworthy agency. Licensed agencies convey more experience of screening and supplying qualified maid candidates.

You’d therefore be confident utilizing a Singapore maid who’s truly experienced and qualified. Apart from this, agencies usually handle all of the hassles and details associated with insurance, bonds, work permits, travel details and medical examinations.

Where You can aquire a Maid

Having a Singapore maid from the country isn’t entirely a legitimate option. You would need to employ a maid from among the countries authorized by the Secretary of state for Manpower. The approved countries are Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Malaysia. An authorized maid agency are only permitted to screen maids from all of these countries.

Salary and Expenses

There are many factors which will figure out how much you have to pay your domestic assistant. These 4 elements incorporate your personal hire your maid, the maid’s experience, responsibilities to become performed, existence of children and also the seniors as well as your home size. Having a Singapore maid will set you back from $200-$500 per month. Even though you possess some freedom in saying yes just how much you need to pay your maid, some agencies have suggestions and guidelines for figuring out payment.

Apart from salaries, having a Singapore maid would also imply that you would need to purchase other needed charges. One of the expenses that you would need to pay would be the levy, security bond or insurance, initial medical check-up charges, maid medical expenses and maid airfare. Agencies might have to charge charges as high as $900 to pay for everything. Based on your agreement together with your maid, you could also need to pay for leave expenses annually.

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