Anger and fear when mixed with alcohol can create a situation of problem drinking. But the good news is that alcoholism is completely treatable. Just surrendering to this addiction won’t help you at all.

When a person is alcoholic he should be encouraged to leave this addiction. The main question is that where can a person go in such a case? Keep reading on for the details:

It is very important for an alcoholic to admit that he has a problem. And this problem need to be solves as soon as possible. There are several cases where the person lives in a state of denial even after various instances of blackouts and humiliation.

First of all you need to check if you are suffering from any of the below mentioned symptoms:

  • Lying to your family about your alcohol intake
  • Going to any extent for drinking and making excuses
  • Need to drink because it can help in relaxing
  • Always worried about getting out of alcohol stock
  • Have severe blackouts after every session of drinks
  • Always over drinking than you want to
  • Trying to hide alcohol at weird places to avoid getting caught
  • Lack of interest in the activities once you used to enjoy
  • Risky behavior like drinking during pregnancy or driving and drinking
  • Facing relationship problems
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms within a few days only
  • Feeling of tolerance to alcohol

Risks Associated with Alcohol Intake

Alcohol intake gives rise to various dangers like:

  • Brain and liver damages along with other organ damages
  • Risk of developing specific types of cancers
  • Excess drinking can also lead to death
  • Excess drinking increases the risk of heart stroke
  • A woman drinking in excess can face complications during pregnancy
  • Even the new born can face several life threatening risks
  • Drunk and driving cases can lead to death as well
  • Increased tendency of suicide and homicide

Where can you go for Help?

  • Try to get hold of your addiction yourself – If you feel that you have turned into an alcoholic it is better to consult a doctor or conduct a test yourself. But make sure you do everything under expert supervision. You can test just by stop drinking for a few days. If you start experiencing withdrawal symptoms, then you are defiantly an alcoholic
  • Support Groups – If you have firm determination of leaving this addiction forever, you can contact support groups. There are various social support groups which are actively involved in this cause.
  • Professional Help – You can go to a certified hospital and consult a doctor regarding your addiction. A therapist, psychologist or a counselor can be of help to you. This can be a best place for you to get started.

If you are facing or experiencing any of the symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor for addiction control procedures. You can get the details on