There are many different careers to choose from, so the fact that someone has chosen to be an emergency first responder tells us that they want to lead a life of excitement where every day is different. They want to experience that adrenaline rush on a regular basis, and they want to be able to make real differences in people’s lives. Now, go forward 45 years later, and then see how these people feel when they are being asked to retire, and step away from a job that they have done for most of their life.

You can understand what is being asked of these people, and especially at a time when they feel that they have so much more to offer. They might not have the physical capacity, but the mental capacity is definitely there, and there is so much that they could teach the new recruits. However, rules are rules, and you must retire at a specific age, even if you’re not ready for it. This is when people run into trouble, and so they turn to the First Responder Retirement Academy for help. The people there can provide so many different services and I will try to cover some of them here today.

  1. Assistance with finances – Many first responders are going through retirement by themselves and so they are unable to deal with their financial situation effectively. In the past, decisions have always been made for them and so they find it difficult to cope. The people at the First Responder Retirement Academy come from the same working background, and so they have an appreciation of the difficulties that these retirees are going through. 
  1. Help dealing with stress & anxiety – Imagine doing a job that you love for over 40 years, and then someone telling you that you can’t do it anymore. This can be a difficult situation to handle and for emergency responders, even more so. They have been dealing with heart pounding situations throughout most of their life, and now they have all of this free time and nothing to do. It can lead to mental issues which causes great stress and anxiety. 
  1. Solutions for loneliness – Retirement can be a difficult time for many, and some people have lost their partners and they have to go through their retirement years alone. The First Responder Retirement Academy will have their back, and this provides the retirees with somewhere to go to, and people to talk to. 

These service providers might not have all of the answers, but they will certainly have most of them. If you need help, you need to reach out to them because they know exactly what you’re going through and they are there to help.