Birthdays are the best time of the year and the occasion becomes even more exciting if it is your boyfriend’s birthday. Forgetting about all the fights and tears, birthdays are a chance to thank him for the unrelenting support and unconditional shower he has showered on you and how it has withstood all your tantrums and has been the perfect guy you wanted him to be.

Here are five unique birthday gift ideas for boyfriend:

  • Handmade Card- Birthday cards are the most obvious choice for birthdays, but you can make this gift unique by making a handmade card for your boyfriend. You can go through some really cool ideas from the internet and customize it according to your likes. Inside the card you can write sweet messages to him and thank him for all the wonderful things that he has done for you.
  • Fancy Date- If your boyfriend is a foodie, then one of the unique gifts could be taking him out on a date to his favourite dining place. You can ask the restaurant to give you the best spot for the meal from where you can enjoy the ambience to the maximum and also spend some quality time.
  • Cook for Him- There is nothing more romantic than cooking for your beloved. You can gift him something unique by cooking his favourite dish or simply baking him a birthday cake. He will love the dish as it will contain abundance of affection and he will surely love this gesture. If you are looking for a homely celebration, then you two can watch his favourite movie together.
  • Gym Wear- If your boyfriend is a gym enthusiast, then you can gift him some nice gym wear. You can go for gym t-shirts, lowers, gym gloves or sport shoes to gift your partner. No matter how many lowers, t-shirts or shoes he has, there will always be room for some more. Moreover, every time he is going to watch himself work out and think that he looks handsome, he will be reminded of you. You can add some humour by gifting his regular protein shake also.
  • Video Message- Normal phone calls are quite ordinary, but video messages are very unique. You can compile a nice video footage for him that contains clips of both of you, a video message from you as well as from his best friends and family is possible. The best part about this is that he can watch this video whenever he wants and he will be quite curious about knowing the people who have recorded a video message for him.

These unique gifts will surely make your boyfriend’s birthday the best one so far. These gifts for boyfriends convey a huge volume of love and emotions to him and they are the perfect way to tell your boyfriend that you are lucky to have him in your life.