Hearing aids have come a long way since the arrival of the very bulky, behind-the-ear device of yesterday, and with digital and Bluetooth technology, wireless connectivity is there for the taking. There are several major heading equipment makers, all with innovative solutions to hearing loss, which no longer has to be endured. The processing power of these amazing devices is up there with the very best of the smartphone range, with quad core CPUs delivering an instant response, and with Bluetooth connectivity, the hearing device can fill those essential gaps in your hearing, whatever the environment.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

The very latest hearing aid is rechargeable, and with a single charge lasting 24 hours, you really do have wireless power at your fingertips. Typically, a 3-hour charge will give you a 24-hour use period, and with composite casing materials, your device is always protected against dirt, sweat and grime. The battery is well-protected, and there is no discharge, and with a special charger, you can recharge anywhere, at any time.

Made for iPhone

There are some hearing aid manufacturers who have worked with Apple to produce iPhone compatible devices that can stream video and audio, as well as handling both ends of a phone conversation. If you live in the Home Counties, there are, for example, suppliers of the Starkey Halo 2 hearing aid in London, along with the latest models of several other leading hearing aid developers, and a range of essential accessories. These devices can be controlled via special Apple app, which really gives you convenience, and with total integration, all media can be transmitted through the hearing aid without the need for a third device.Special mics allow for a smartphone or tablet conversation, giving the user amplified hearing in a wireless environment.

Serious Processing Power

Quad core processing enables a super-fast response, and with 24-channel system that can adapt to a range of varying environments, the latest models are designed for people on the move. Ideal for a slight to severe hearing loss, there are two possible wearing solutions, with a silicone dome in the ear, or a customised ear mould that will remain firmly in position for the entire day, no matter how strenuous it might be. There would be an efficient environment manager incorporated into the device, and this adapts to allow the user more acute hearing at certain frequencies.

Essential Accessories

There are established online suppliers of the latest hearing aids and the many items one might need to accessorise the service. Bluetooth mobile solutions allow the user to channel all media through the hearing aid, and there is a range of stylish units that really deliver the goods.

This is indeed a fortunate time for those who suffer with hearing loss, as modern systems allow for device integration, and with crystal clear sound amplification and ultra-fast transmissions, the modern person with hearing loss can finally lead a normal life, and with online suppliers, solutions are never far away.