Good looking teeth are an essential aspect of your overall facial looks. If you have crooked teeth, you’ll likely feel uncomfortable interacting with others, and this can affect your self-esteem. Luckily, you have multiple options to fix your teeth, and your dentist may recommend braces.

One of the most sought after options is ceramic braces. They come with numerous benefits but require a lot of care. Ceramic braces stain easily, and caring for them ensures healthier teeth and a more discreet look.

Why go for ceramic braces?

 In the past, traditional brackets were quite common. They feature metal materials and are shiny, making everyone around you notice that you have braces. However, the advent of ceramic or clear braces is a major breakthrough in the dental industry. These are attractive and will correct your dental problem while maintaining lots of discretion.

Ceramic braces can be clear white or off-white, which allows you to achieve that natural look. What’s more, they will blend in well with your natural teeth color, making it unlikely for others to notice that you have braces. What’s more, ceramic brackets are smaller than their metal counterparts. They are specially designed to fit your teeth, and they feel much better on your teeth. Also, they don’t cause permanent stains or leave unusual marks.

How can I best care for my ceramic braces?

  1. Brush regularly- after every meal

If you have been brushing once or twice daily, this has to change if you have braces. They require special attention, and you should brush after every meal. This will help prevent staining and maintain your teeth and braces in optimal condition. Moreover, brushing will wash out food particles and plaque immediately, which can harbor bacteria leading to infections and tooth decay.

  1. Floss & Rinse thoroughly.

 I presume you are aware of the importance of flossing. Well, this will benefit your teeth and braces alike. Floss after every meal, and combine this with mouthwash in the morning and evening. It will reach those hard-to-reach spots in your mouth. The mouthwash will help alleviate leftover food particles and build up that your toothbrush or floss can’t reach.

  1. Diet- Know your limits!

 Your diet forms an integral aspect f your dental health. However, you can’t eat anything while wearing braces, and there are foods to avoid. These include;

  • Tomatoes
  • Mustard
  • Sodas
  • Coffee
  • Wine
  • Sticky foods like candies and chewing gum
  • Chewy foods like bagels
  • Colored foods improve your likelihood of staining, and you should avoid them.

  1. Quit smoking

Do you love your puffs? Well, this is time to quit! Smoking will not only affect your health but will stain your braces and teeth, leading to a yellowish hue. The stains tend to get deeper into your teeth and are difficult to remove.

In summary, it’s easy to care for your ceramic braces by following the mentioned tips. Avoid colored foods and withering toothpaste, and never miss your orthodontic appointments. By so doing, you’ll get any replacements or adjustments required to restore a beautiful smile and maintain healthy teeth.