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Lulladolla can be the sleeping companion of your little girl from the toddlers or preemies. It is result of long years of the scientific research that imitating closeness to caregiver at rest plays soothing sound of heartbeat and real life breath. The feeling of closeness improves safely the baby well-being and sleep. It is thoroughly safety tested as suitable for the newborns. However, it is not suggested to have the loose items in crib with sleeping newly born from around birth till 12 months. As this doll is best designed to be crib attachments, with the Velcro straps hidden in pocket in its back for complete attachment to the cribs, seats of car, strollers and other baby carriers. You can now make an easy purchase of your baby’s clothing, toys and accessories online. All of them are made available to every buyer at affordable prices. So what are you waiting for? Place your order today.