When people look for washington cremation services, the traditional process is not often the first option that comes to mind. It is because other cremation methods have become increasingly popular apart from the traditional. Direct cremation comes out on top as the victor in this competition because of the relatively low cost that it entails. The conventional, more expensive cremation method has also been addressed, as there are some compelling arguments in its favor.

Incorporation of Customary Farewell Ceremonies 

There is no time for a funeral before the body is carried to the crematorium, which is a significant drawback to direct cremation. A wake or visitation can be held even if the body isn’t there. Direct cremation, contrary to widespread assumption, does not produce this effect.

Several rituals happen before a deceased person’s cremation takes place. Both viewing and funeral services can be carried out with the body in a formal coffin and clothed appropriately.

A cremation could follow the funeral if that’s what the family prefers. Catholics and Jews, for example, offer the option of cremation, but they nevertheless encourage their adherents to attend a funeral ritual.

It’s Cheaper Than a Typical Funeral

Whatever the reasons, one can rest assured knowing that the costs of the services are less than those of a traditional burial. When cremation is chosen as the last resting place, a cemetery plot and casket are unnecessary.

Funeral homes often offer rental caskets at wakes, visits, and other ceremonies before a cremation. Afterward, the body is placed inside the cremation container, which is far less expensive than a casket.

To save money at the cemetery, skip the burial vault and headstone during washington cremation services. The cost of a cremation is thus often less than that of a burial by about $1,000. Traditional cremation is the best option if one wishes to have a funeral with all the decorations without going into debt.

Opportunity for Everyone to Say Their Final Farewells

When a person chooses direct cremation, not everyone will get the chance to pay their respects by seeing the body before it is destroyed. Those who need to see the body one final time may have a more challenging time grieving if denied that opportunity.

The option of traditional cremation gives these people some much-needed breathing room. To complete the funeral arrangements days after the death, the body is embalmed and stored. Relatives that live far away will have more time to plan and travel to attend the wake.

The embalming process allows for public viewing when mourners can pay their condolences. Everyone gets to participate in the ritual and pay their last respects to the departed soul.


Overall, traditional cremation allows one to blend some advantages of a direct cremation with those of a burial in a cost-friendly way. If one is considering traditional cremation for oneself or a loved one, washington cremation services offer cremation at a very affordable and reasonable cost.