If you are interested in spa and wellness, it’s likely that you have heard about Epsom salt baths. Naturally, Epsom salt looks much like table salt, and it has been in use for hundreds of years. Just adding a scoopful to your bathtub can make a huge difference. Below are some of the facts worth knowing about Epsom salt.

What’s Epsom salt?

Epsom salt is a natural salt found in springs. It is known to have a number of therapeutic benefits for the body. However, do not confuse with Dead Sea salts. Dead Salts include a mix of minerals, which are found in the Dead Sea. Most of the bath salts contain Epsom salt along with other natural ingredients, such as essential oils. Epsom salt is basically magnesium sulfate, and once dissolved in the water, the magnesium and sulfate enter the body through skin pores. Please note that Epsom salts are safe for most people, but if you are pregnant or have specific skin issues, you may talk to your doctor to know more.

The benefits

Epsom salt baths have many benefits, according to experts. Firstly, it helps in releasing tension and stiffness from the muscles and joints. If you are someone who sweats it out in the gym, you should consider taking a bath with Epsom salt, which can help in reducing muscle cramps, pain and swelling.  Epsom salt baths is also ideal for people who are suffering from arthritis, psoriasis and sore muscles. It works wonders for reducing sleeping issues, especially when infused with natural oils. Foot soaks also contain Epsom salt, because it helps in easing and relaxing feet. Epsom salt is best used in warm water. Most products mention the amount that must be used in the tub, but if you are adding Epsom salt to a bucket of water, you will need a smaller amount.

Where to buy?

There are many brands that make bath salts containing Epsom salt, so there are enough choices for everyone. Do check the ingredient list to know why one product might be better than others. The brand is also important. Some of the manufacturers have a collection of Epsom bath salts, which are formulated for men and have masculine scents. Check your options and don’t shy away from trying new varieties. When infused with essential and natural ingredients, Epsom salt does work better for the body.

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