If you are one of the many sufferers of coeliac disease, you will no doubt be aware that your diet must be gluten free. This is not as difficult as you might think, and by doing some online research, you are likely to learn more about which foods actually contain gluten and which do not. Grains, such as wheat, rye and barley are the culprits, and are to be avoided, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on bread or pastry, you just have to be more selective when buying.

  • Gluten Free Bread – There are many breads that are gluten free (GF), but one must be careful with the expiry date, as gluten free foods usually contain less preservatives. If you really like to bake your own bread, you can order gluten free products online and then you can be sure that your freshly baked bread is fine. Most people find a bakery that specialises in GF products, and placing a regular order will ensure you have your daily allocation of bread.
  • Eating Out – This is one area where you will have to be vigilant, and even things like ham and cheese could contain gluten, as some sandwich manufacturers inject wheat into cold cuts to replace the lost fat, so always check labels when ordering pre-made rolls and sandwiches. Most restaurants will have GF bread rolls, and once the waiter knows, this would never be far away.
  • Milk and Dairy Products – You might think that dairy products are naturally gluten free, but there are commercial additives that do contain gluten. Some flavoured yoghurts, or ice cream might contain traces of gluten, so one must be very careful. There are many natural foods that are gluten free, yet there are additives that can contain the substance, which is why you should always read the label before purchasing anything.
  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetables – Of course, these are completely gluten free, which is why you should try to substitute the foods you cannot eat with an assortment of fruit and vegetables. Using the products in season, you can make some colourful salads and hopefully, your diet will be much healthier as well as being gluten free.

Online Suppliers

The best thing to do when purchasing GF products is to source an established online supplier, and with bulk buying, you can purchase enough for several months in one session. You can buy breads, pastries, breakfast cereals and of course, flours, biscuits, and they even have gluten free pizza bases, which is nice to know. An established website concerning gluten free living would have printable menu planners, and as many coeliac disease sufferers will tell you, planning in advance in the best solution to avoiding gluten.

There are online communities for people who suffer from coeliac disease, and it is advised to join one, and start to communicate with others who are also living a GF life, and this will give you the confidence to move on with your life, as nothing will change, other than the fact that you must avoid gluten products.