Following the cold and wetness of the winter season, summertime brings about a much-needed change. Clear skies, hot weather, and long days all make for the perfect environment for relaxation, especially outdoors. The mid-year period is also the ideal time for summer breaks and long weekends, encouraging individuals to slow down and unwind. Getting outdoors during this time can also help to destress those who work indoors or have stressful professional commitments.

For inspiration on how to enjoy your summer break, here are six fantastic ways for you to spend your time during the sunshine season!


It is far easier to enjoy the experience of camping outdoors when the weather is on one’s side. On the best of summer days, individuals can even enjoy sleeping in a hammock right beneath the stars. There are a great number of camping spots across the country but, for an unforgettable experience, you’d do well to enjoy one of the UK’s wild camping locations, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in nature.


Practising yoga doesn’t require a monthly membership to a local yoga studio. In fact, during the summer, taking your poses out into the sunshine can be an incredible experience, not only immersing you in nature but elevating the experience of relaxation too. Just be sure to find a nice shaded spot, wear sunscreen, or keep track of how long you’re in the sun, or else you might risk a burn!


Taking to the water during summer is far more pleasant, and safer, than during winter. Paddleboarders can enjoy sunny coasts and lakes, taking their boards out onto clear waters to get outside and unwind. Stand-up paddleboarding is a brilliant and accessible activity by itself, but others will often combine it with other endeavours, like photography, picnics, or yoga practices, arranging to go out onto the water together with friends and family too. 


The ceremony of fishing has long been valued not solely for the thrill of catching a fish but also for the peaceful experience. Spending time by tranquil bodies of water, quietly enough that the aquatic life isn’t disturbed, helps to destress individuals and can even be restorative. And, for those who don’t want to interfere with fish, there’s always magnet fishing too. 


The summer sun enables those with culinary interests to enhance their food experience. This can be done by getting into the garden and growing your own ingredients, finding and identifying them out in the wild on a foraging foray, or even simply cooking a meal outside for family and friends.


Finding relaxation and fulfilment during the summer doesn’t always have to be about indulgence. In fact, a number of individuals find volunteering with a local organisation a superb way to unwind. Getting outdoors with an organisation, whether at a local garden or with a summer events team, can be the experience one needs not only to fulfil their summer but also to learn a new skill too.