Children are pretty easy to please, right?  It really does not take all that much to entertain them and they can make a toy out of just about everything. They still have nimble minds with big imaginations—perhaps, overactive imaginations—that can turn just about anything into a lot of fun.  This could be anything from banging on pots and pans to hiding in an over-sized cardboard box to stacking blocks.

Another way to look at it is to note that children are extremely creative. Once we grow up, as adults we are still just as creative but our brains are typically more consistently distracted by the demands of adult responsibilities. As a parent, then, you can find really simple—and frugal—ways to entertain your children; you just have to think a little more like a toddler.


For example, have ever thought about making toys out of your leftover holiday ribbon?   As toddlers become more mobile, they also develop more sense perception so when you make a toy out of colorful ribbon, you give them something of different textiles that reflects light in different ways. To you it might seem like a flitting piece of satin or cotton but to a child…who knows what they are thinking, sometimes?!  Just make sure that if you make one of these, you use non-toxic markers/paints, etc and that the ribbon itself is washable:  young kids like to put things in their mouths, too.


Ribbon makes for pretty hair accessories but you don’t have to actually tie ribbon into your little girl’s hair to enjoy this. If you take your left over ribbon and trim it down, you can fasten it to some existing hair bands and hair clips for easy ribbon hair accessories!


Ok, it is not going to be a magic wand, but your little one does not need to know this.  Just glue—or secure in some other way—some ribbon to the end of a baton for a simple magic wand. You can trim the ribbon to different lengths and use ribbons of different color to make this wand even more fun! And don’t forget the glitter!


Take some velvet or satin ribbon and some vintage charms and attach them to the end of an old bookmark (or make your own) for a personalized reading accessory.  Encouraging your child to read has never been more fun!