A chiropodist, our more commonly known as podiatrist, are doctors who specialise in foot conditions. They are also sometimes referred to as a doctor of podiatric medicine or DPM for short. When visiting a certified podiatrist, they’ll always have DPM after their name. These medical experts deal with and treat the foot, ankle and other parts connecting to the leg. If you need a chiropodist in Enfield, a quick Google search will reveal several good physicians in the area. Although a podiatrist treats people of all ages who present with a range of general foot conditions, some specialise in specific areas.

  • Surgery
  • Wound Care
  • Diabetes
  • Sports Medicine
  • Children

If you’d like to find an expert who has a background dealing with a specific type of foot condition, read through their website or call the clinic to find out more about their services.

Why Visit a Podiatrist?

If you have pain in your foot, you usually go visit your local GP. If they can’t treat the problem, they’ll refer you to an expert. A podiatrist will examine your foot and see what is causing the pain, they’ll run a number of tests such as bloods, x-ray, nail swab and an ultrasound.

Here are a few reasons why you may visit a podiatrist:

Nail Infection: You’ll need to have this assessed to treat the problem effectively.

Gout: This can be a painful foot condition that needs specialist attention.

Diabetes: This condition can cause nerve damage in your feet and other areas if not treated.