If you live in Bangkok or the surrounding areas and have children, then the chances are that you will want them to attend a school of education. For some time now, international schools have led the way in terms of what they offer students when it comes to how they are educated and what kind of curriculum they follow. If you want your children to get the best start in life, then you may want to look into enrolling them into an international preschool, here are some things to think about before making your choice.


Albeit, you are enrolling your child into a school so that they can learn, but they will likely spend a long time there, perhaps even every day of the week so they need to be comfortable. Naturally, you will want them to learn what you think is best for them but there also needs to be a mix of open mindedness involved that allows them to learn in their own way with new ideas and freedom of choice. Making sure that your child is comfortable where they are can mean that you see the best results when it comes to how quickly they learn and evolve.


Taking a look at the history of the international preschool in Bangkok and its success with other students in all areas is really important, not just academically but socially as well. Learning isn’t all about books and or instruction, some of the best minds come from a place of balance where there are clear instructions and materials for the learner to learn from as well as place of social interaction that encourages the learners to communicate in a free and open manner.

Some might argue against but, speaking practically, success is subjective, some of the best business men and woman all over the globe have come from a mixture of backgrounds and schools, some never had the benefit of going to a what could be ranked as a top school, although their school was clearly successful in teaching them some important lessons.

Future prospects

One of the biggest setbacks of a person’s personal development can be having to change schools and, understandably so. If you have ever had to change schools even a few times, then you will understand how unsettling it can be to a person’s learning and development.

If you can find a school that caters for all age groups, then that would be perfect, they can stay at the same school and progress through their academic career a little easier, somewhere they are familiar with, with people that they know and that understand them.