Don’t start the day by logging on to social media or reading the news, full of bad news. On the contrary, start your day with something positive, like these 5 minutes of simple stretches to wake up well or with a good breakfast. Supplements such as club 13 kratom liquid extract also help the body functioning and brightens your day,

We need to get out, get our dose of vitamin D, and, if possible, be in contact with nature. Vitamin D has been shown to affect mood, and a deficiency could exacerbate symptoms of depression.

The main way to get vitamin D is through sun exposure. It is estimated that, on average, exposure, without sunscreen, of the hands, forearms, and face for 10 to 15 minutes between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., 2 or 3 times a week, would be sufficient to ensure an adequate intake for a healthy adult. Just 5 minutes of exercise in a park, in nature, or in any green space would benefit mental health, also supplement from paylesskratom for example can help your health.

Two good reasons to get some air!


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Practicing a sport will give you energy and allow you to sleep better, two things you need to be in a good mood. Athletes know well that after 15 to 30 minutes of sustained effort, the mind reaches a light euphoric state where thoughts are spontaneously positive and creative. This phenomenon is attributable to the endorphins released in the body during sustained effort.

Some research has even shown that exercise can be as effective as medication in curing depression

However, the effort does not have to be intense to have benefits: 20 minutes at medium intensity, three times a week, is enough to affect the part of the brain that modulates mood. And for that, you don’t need to go to a gym or take lessons: clean up while dancing and singing, gardening or cycling in the middle of nature. Whatever you choose, have fun.


Help someone, get involved in an association, donate clothes or furniture you no longer use, give compliments, congratulate, be kind, say thank you, hug. Giving and pleasing, it puts you in a good mood for sure!


Besides being a natural anti-stress, the smile participates tremendously in the social bond. When you sincerely smile at people, they often smile back. And it’s so good for morale to be surrounded by smiling people. But even forced, for our brain, a smile remains a trigger for a good mood.

Researchers have discovered that in the event of sadness or stress, all you have to do is force yourself to smile for 60 seconds for your brain to receive a positive message and cause a drop in the production of stress hormones and an increase in those that promote a good mood. So, smile!