We are all used to seeing art on the walls in an office environment, but how often has it been put there for a positive reason? Placing art on the walls in an office environment shouldn’t just be looked at as a way of covering up bare walls, or an insignificant process as there are a number of benefits to it. There is a positive impact of art in an office environment and the sooner companies come to realise it, the greater the results will be for their staff morale and team productivity rates. 

For most workers in an office environment in the UK they cannot see any art from where they sit at their desk. The majority of businesses will house artwork in the foyer and reception, where customers, potential customers and suppliers can see the art, but not where it can have a positive impact on the morale of staff at the coalface of the company. There are a number of benefits to placing art on the walls for your staff to see.

Make a Statement Through Art 

By putting some thought into the art you display in your offices you can accurately reflect your core company values, the history of the business, the style and spirit you wish to portray to your employees. Whether you choose to display art in the reception area of your business premises, the boardroom or in the main office space it can send a clear message to everyone who sees it what your brand means to the upper echelons and how you wish to be portrayed both internally and externally. If you choose to show art from a variety of locations it can demonstrate that you have a global audience, with local artists showing that you are in touch with the local community.


Engage Your Staff Culturally 

The last thing you want as a business owner is for your staff to feel disengaged with the company. The more engaged you can be with your staff the harder they will work and the happier they will be in their job and life. Art is a great way to engage with your employees. Talk to them about their likes and dislikes, move art around regularly so that it gives your staff something to talk about and engage with them about art and culture. If you can do this they will begin to feel engaged generally in the workplace.

Improve Your Profits 

If art can bring about a positive change in the productivity of your workers it only takes a small change for you to see a boost to the profits of the entire company. Staff always perform to a higher level if they are feeling positive and are working within a warm and happy environment. Artwork in an office environment has been shown to increase staff morale and with that your business will thrive.

For those of you thinking about ways to increase employee engagement, morale and productivity, having art on the walls is a great idea.