The name Stanozolol have proven the test of time with its persistent popularity since it was released in the 1960’s. Even 50 years after, the product is still affecting in losing weight and cutting cycles for athletes and weightlifter alike. However the product is banned in the United States, and other western countries as well. Thus in this article, the side effects and cases of Stanozolol ban will be pointed out.

What are these side effects?

Stanozolol, an anabolic steroid is created to copy the androgens or the male testosterone to make the body feel young again and to undergo a series of muscle development. However, this does not come without a cost. One of the most common problems with steroids like these is that you will have to deal with the same horror of teenage puberty once again, and yes, that includes acne. This will be worse if you still have acne because the sheer volume of natural and synthetic testosterone in your body will help in the production of oil in your sebaceous glands, that will cause bacteria build-up in your skin. Another problem would be the enlarging of pores, also known as virilization. To top it all off, these process will become irreversible once it happens.

More serious side effect

Other than the effects on your physical appearance, the product will also affect your mindset as well. The creation of hormones and the protein in your body, like anything else is mostly done by your brain, the introduction of hormones that the body does not need will tip the balance your body is continually striving. As said earlier, the second puberty is going to happen, this means, the hormonal imbalance that causes teenage angst will occur in adults once again, will a more dangerous effect. In some cases, violence and delusions are reported.

The intake of medication also has an effect on your circulatory system, the system that delivers all the necessary nutrients and proteins in our body. These medications have been proven to increase the cholesterol levels of those who take them, making the risk of hypertension higher. These however unlike the physical effects of Stanozolol can be fixed, just in two months without the intake of the said steroid, the cholesterol and blood pressure of the user will start to normalize. Stanozoland 10mg is an example for that.

The possibility of overdose

Despite the scary side effects of Stanozolol, there have been no recorded deaths on the overdose of the medications. But if this circumstance does happen, be sure to contact a medical professional right away.

Taking the medication

If still willing to take this medication, it is suggested to take laboratory test while using it, to track if whether there are changes in your body that you should be alarmed of. It is also important to get a doctor’s advice before jumping on the bandwagon and taking the pill for yourself. Storing of this medication will be the same as the other, away from the sunlight in a cool temperature.