Charter buses are fantastic for group tours. If you have a team tour showing up and want to prepare a trip of your own, a charter bus is a wonderful choice since they are relaxing and spacious.

How many seats does a charter bus have?

At infinity transportation, they are able to hold up to 56 people! The number of seats might differ depending on the scenic tour you book, yet seating is always spacious, as well as deluxe.

Can guests bring beverages and food? Alcohol?

While alcohol is not allowed on the bus because of safety factors, you can definitely bring food, as well as drinks onboard. The company asks that you bring any type of dishes and drinks in non-breakable containers and make certain to clean them after you clean them, so every person can have an enjoyable experience on board.

Are pets enabled?

A lot of companies invite service pets on all of their excursions.

What items are forbidden?

Companies ask that you do not bring any kind of alcohol, sharp items, explosive or combustible materials, weapons, devices, or chemicals onboard the charter.

Is there a storage area?

Most of the bus’s overhead storage space is for smaller bags and huge storage room under the buses for bigger products, plenty of room for any type of journey.


The large coaches supply onboard washrooms. Companies always make an initiative to stop along the way, depending upon the size of the trip, for restroom breaks.


Presently, seat belts are not required on charter buses, for that reason, not all motor coaches are geared up with them. Nevertheless, some companies are presently servicing mounting seatbelts on every one of the charter buses.

Are they easily accessible?


Specific buses are accessible. Please call the company in advance to let them know if you need a charter bus so they can supply you with the assistance you are entitled to.

Who drives the coach?

Every company’s coaches are driven by educated professional drivers.

Can we make last-minute stops?

Unfortunately, in an effort to make sure the entire trip stays on the timetable, drivers cannot make any final stops. Nevertheless, if you give us a call beforehand, they may be to accommodate your demand.

How far ahead of time should I schedule my rental?

The earlier the better, yet the excursions need to be paid for completely two weeks in advance to ensure your reservation.

How much does it cost?

Fees vary depending on the range, tour, as well as a variety of days.

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