We all know that the fear of the unknown is one of the biggest concerns that human person can get and it happens each time a person enters the point of reaching new experiences. When it comes to moving to another house, city or country, that is one of the stressful events in one’s life,and that particular fear could cause extraordinary amounts of stress and anxiety.

It happens due to numerous uncertainties that you will have to pass if you want to deal with moving process as well as unpredictable future. At the same time, terminology and moving terms are also confusing and can increase overall stress and add tension due to misunderstandings.

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Therefore, the best way to reduce the anxiety from moving is to learn commonly used moving slang and terminology that will provide you specifics of moving industry and help you organize you without too much hassle.

Most company expressions and terms are explicit to understand when you read them once and by memorizing them, you will avoid possible misconceptions.

Moving Dictionary


  • Access – It defines the level of accessibility of your home so that moving company could pick and deliver your belongings with ease. We can say that numerous factors can decrease or increase the accessibility levels such as the distance from your home and parking area, infrastructure in the area you live in, the number of stairs, freight elevators and many more.
  • Accessorial Services – These services include additional things that movers have to do such as appliance servicing, packing, unpacking, split pick up and many more. Even though you can choose these extra services per your convenience and budget, in some cases, it is necessary to permit them to pack themselves because they have the experience that will help you along the way. However, have in mind that most accessorial services are an additional charge to transportation costs, so you should talk with movers before you make up your account.Click here to see the guide that will help you determine steps that you will need for convenient moving.
  • Advanced Charges – If some services provided third-party provider that moving company outsourced to your specific request, we call that advanced charges. This could be third party professionals such as insurance agents or artisans that moving company will hire to hear their advice and get their services that will help with the successful finish of the moving process. After everything finishes, you will have to pay a moving company per your past deal, and moving company will deal with these extra services.

  • Bill Of Lading – This term represents and explains the regular binding contact between the moving company and yourself for transportation of household belongings and goods. It should list the services, dates, actual charges that are involved in the move and specific conditions that will help you along the way. The document will also provide the payment method as well as insurance coverage that you chose before the moving started. Check this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_of_lading to see what Bill Of Lading represents.
  • COD, Cash On Delivery – This particular method of payment includes and requires that customer has to pay to move company when the company delivers everything accordingly. You can make payment by money orders, in cash or by using cashier’s checks. However, if you want to make a payment through a credit card, you should make an approval to your bank and moving company.
  • Consolidation – This particular term is not too common as it happens to only specific scenarios and moments. It requires from moving company to take household belongings from two or more customers. In most cases, they will load small shipments and transport them to two different points within the same route in a single moving truck. The idea is to save both money and time,especially for long distance moving. Consolidated shipments will provide you witha lower rate than regular ones, which means that you will save money by choosing this particular service.
  • Deposit – Most moving companies will require giving them a certain amount of money, which usually goes between 10% and 15% of the entire moving costs, so that company could book their services for some date that you require in the future. The company will not provide you with compensation in a case that you cancel a deal and job.
  • Essentials Box – This particular box features essential things that you will need to have close to you such as first-aid kit, basic toiletries, medicines, change of clothes for each family member and many more. The idea is to avoid packing these items but take them with you and travel with them to your new destination. That way, you will be able to access these possessions any time you need, which is vital in the case that something happens along the way. The best way to learn what you should place inside the essential box is by clicking here.

  • Full-Service Move – If you choose full-service movers, you can rest assured, because the company will handle a move from start to finish. It means that they will start packing, loading, and transportation, unpacking, unloading and providing you everything without your interference. However, the full-service rates will be more significant than just transportation and loading, mainly because you have to pay for packing labor, cost of cartons, and removal of materials. This is the most expensive choice that you can find, but when compared with others it is safest, most comfortable, and most convenient and most beneficial option to move things to another state or country.
  • Line Haul Charges – The primary tariff charge for long distance moving is based on the actual mileage that moving truck has made in combination with the weight of your shipment. Check this website: https://definedterm.com/line_haul_charge to learn more information on this particular term and its definition. Have in mind that it is crucial to estimate the distance and the entire price before you make up your mind.