If you’ve had a lot of manicures or treatments on your nails, then they might be crying out for a bit of pampering. They can be brittle, sore or scratched – which might make you want to go back for another manicure. Stop right there, follow these tips instead to care for your nails.

Oil your Cuticles

Your cuticles can start to show signs of damage first, as they are quite delicate. They can start to flake and split, which can be very painful. Taking care of these will improve your overall nail health and any discomfort that you might be having.

Using cuticle oil and gently pushing them back will start to get them in good condition again. Use an orange stick to free your cuticle from the nail bed, but don’t be too rough. If your cuticle is broken in any way, then don’t go down this route just yet. Leave them to heal before you start this maintenance regimen.

Keep them Short

While you might be accustomed to having longer claws, this can lead to damage to your nail bed. If your nails are already feeling the strain and are damaged in multiple places, then it’s time to cut them back. This takes a lot of stress off the nail bed, as it’s not getting pulled in every which direction.

Gently filing the nails back and keeping them short for a while will strengthen them. Then, when they begin to grow back you’ll find they’re much healthier and less likely to break.

Get a Gentle Manicure

If you’re accustomed to getting manicures that damage the nails, then it’s time to opt for something a bit gentler. Rather than hard acrylic or extensions, you can go for a manicure that’s kinder to your nails. For example, CND Shellac by Jealous can be used on a pretty regular basis without having a big impact on your nails.

With shorter nails, you can still have nail art and bright colours. Don’t be brainwashed into thinking that your nails can only be nice if they’re longer! Healthy nails are beautiful.

Moisturise Often

Using a moisturiser on your hands often gives them a better appearance overall. This also works to give your nails that bit of additional moisture, which can be lacking after a lot of manicures. If you’ve been using strong acetone on your nails or have some cracking, then take the time to restore this moisture.

Natural ingredients can be the best for this kind of restoration, like lanolin or beeswax. While artificial ingredients can smell nice, they’re not always the most effective. They can make your hands feel softer short term, but long term you want to have a natural ingredient that improves the health of the hands overall.

While we can want long, gorgeous nails – this isn’t always what our nails need in order to be healthy. Taking a break and looking after your nails can erase a lot of this damage. Start out with these tips and you’ll see a difference in no time.

Image: Pixabay