Children’s party is that very lively event – usually full of toys, attractions and, of course, those foods that all children enjoy: popcorn, hamburgers, fries, candies, sweets and so on. But it’s also important to remember that the party should cater to adults, right? Therefore, the idea is to create a menu that pleases all groups – very diverse, with a little bit of everything. Want to learn how to organize a successful children’s party? Just keep reading!

Start By Making The Guest List

The first thing you should do, without a doubt, is a survey of how many people will be invited to the party. Only when the number of people is defined will it be possible to calculate the amount of food, drinks, and even the space you must reserve for the event. Therefore, from the beginning, it is essential to establish whether the party will be large (with more than 30 people, for example) or just for the most intimate. Once you’ve set this point, you can go on to the other planning stages!

Make A Spreadsheet With The Food Of The Event

The secret to planning parties with can be done by Mission Grit for instance without running the risk of forgetting something is to keep everything written down. For this, the ideal thing is that you start by making a spreadsheet in Excel (to organize everything) or even handwritten lists: on a sheet, write down all the foods aimed at children (mini pizzas, hamburgers, snacks, and sweets in general). In another, the event’s more “full-bodied” foods – usually, some lunch (rice with stroganoff, for example, is very successful) and more refined snacks, such as a cold meat table with cheeses, salami and quail eggs, for example.

But if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, remember that many children’s foods also cater to adults – snacks, in general, are always a hit! So, if you prefer (and want to save money), you can also make a single list of different foods, which everyone will enjoy.

Don’t Forget The Drinks

When planning the menu, you cannot forget to include drinks. Among those that cannot be left out are soft drinks, juices, and water. In addition, you can also include alcoholic beverages for the adults of the event, such as beers and wines. But it’s up to you, depending on the party’s proposal.

Dedicate A Space Just For Children

To ensure fun for children (and comfort for adults), another interesting tip is to separate a party space just for the little ones. You can put toys and even a trampoline if the party is outdoors. This way, you can ensure that the kids have a different place to play (so the whole party doesn’t get a mess), and the adults also have a quieter, more reserved corner to talk to. Organization and space planning also count for a lot!

Try To Do The Decoration On Your Own

When it comes to decorating the party, many people like to turn to companies specializing in the subject. However, a good way to save is to make the decorations (and even some snacks) yourself.

Many things are easy to do and, although they take some work, they end up being fun in the end. Therefore, a good tip is to plan – in a spreadsheet or notebook – all expenses with decorations, such as tablecloths, dolls, possible attractions, and even the cake order. Then, do a survey of what you can prepare on your own (some sweets and even party favors for the guests). When everything is planned, just put things into practice to make an unforgettable children’s party.