Carrier oils, also considered as base oils or vegetable oils, are an unavoidable component in aroma therapy. These oils are namely employed for diluting essential oils. Usually, carrier oils give lube which helps hands to maneuver correctly onto the skin while massaging. Simultaneously, transporting the necessities oils on the skin is yet another purpose of these oils. For this reason role, they are known as as carrier oils. These oils are light, non-sticky and getting hardly any scent. The majority of the carrier oils are obtained from seeds and nuts, though some exceptions exist, for example, coconut oils, jojoba oils etc.

A typical belief is frequently observed among people who they believe carrier oils are less essential in comparison of essentials oils. Such types of ideas are by no means acceptable. The function of carrier oils isn’t unavoidable to make a fit and healthy body.

Carrier oils contain vitamins, minerals and a few essentials essential fatty acids. To make skins soft and, a number of these oils are utilized. Besides, some carrier oils are utilized to heal various skin problems, like eczema, wrinkles, scarring etc. Remember, these oils cover 98% treatment in aroma therapy.

Generally, while removing these oils from seeds and nuts, two methods are adopted. They are like, cold pressing and hot extraction. Some carrier oils, like, Avocado, Coconut and Wheat germ can be found in refined and unrefined forms. You should make use of the unrefined types of these oils. The unrefined type of Avocado oil is enriched with lecithin and Vit A and D. However, unrefined Wheat germ oils contain efa’s and a little bit of E Vitamin. Unrefined avocado and wheat germ are ideal for overnight treatment, consider both of these tend to be heavy, so body massage might not be possible using these oils.

Carrier oils, however, are selected as reported by the requirements of persons. In situation of body massage and facial treatments, sweet almond, peach and apricot oils are usually used. Black Seed, borage, primrose oil, jojoba, rosehip oils will also be great for facial treatments, but dilution is needed if these oils can be used for body massage. At times, individuals have the issue of nut allergy reactions, in such instances they are able to go for sunflower oil.

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